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finD course maps on Trail Forks



Oregon XC Series racers:

There will be a neutral roll out from the start line on Dupont Street, turning left onto Main Street and following the Echo/Lexington Hwy. Once you turn left onto Snow Road, racing will begin. Riders will race on gravel road until turning on to Sno Road Winery & Echo West Ranch & Vineyard MTB trial system. Once on single track, racers will do one of three course loops depending on the category entered.  All categories will do one single lap returning on the Echo/Lexington Hwy, crossing the Umatilla River bridge into Echo, turning right onto Water Street, and then left onto Bridge Street into the finish line. 

Three Course distances:

Long Course: Elite/Cat 1

Middle Course: Cat 2/ Clydesdale

Short Course: Cat 3

E-MTB racers:  E-MTB Riders will be racing middle course


Feed Zones- All racers will pass at least one feed zone while on course.

Racers will finish course on paved road.  When riding on open paved roads, riders will follow all rules of traffic and the centerline cannot be crossed much like a road cycling race. Appropriate traffic controls will be in place. Section of race on Echo/Lexington Hwy is 1.7 miles.


  • Elite, Category 1, & Singlespeed = Long Course Distance 32 miles

  • Category 2, & Clydesdales = Middle Course Distance 23 miles

  • Category 3  = Short Course Distance 14 miles

  • E-MTB  = Middle Course  Distance 23

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