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What do I need to do to be prepared for the Echo Red 2 Red?

Ride.  It doesn’t matter if you ride your road bike or trails, you need to ride.  You also need to make sure your bike is ready.  Don’t come with an old, stretched out chain or tires that will ‘last long enough for one more race.’  We have lots of riders that don’t finish because their chain breaks.  We recommend sticking a spare master link in your pocket.  If you run tubeless tires, make sure your Stan’s (or other sealant) is not dried out.  If you run tubes, be sure you know how to change your own flat, and bring at least one (1) tube, and your pump/CO2 cartridge. 

How do I dress for the Echo Red 2 Red?
The weather can be freezing with rain or 65 and sunny or snowing or pedal-down-hill windy.  Bring clothes for ALL weather types. 

Tell me about food.
Eat before you ride.  If you don’t, you will bonk.  It may also be a good idea to take a gel or bar with you.  And I don’t care who you are, take water.

How do I know what category to enter i.e. Cat 1, 2, 3 or Beginner?
Cat 1 is generally referred to as ‘Expert.’  Cat 2 is for those who are regular trail riders and can ride continuously for 2-3 hours at a steady pace.  Cat 3 is for the rest of us who can ride 20 miles, but we have to take a quick break here and there.   


I’m a Cat 3 rider.  Your 24-mile course sounds long.  Will I be able to do it?
Most likely!  The first 3.5 miles of the race is on the road and is easy rolling hills.  Then you will do just about 17 miles of trail, before you do the 3.5 miles back to town on the same roads.  Almost everyone did our race in under 3 hours in 2012. If 24 miles is too long, consider the Cat 3 short course: 12+/- miles (7 on the road).

I don't live in Oregon.  Do I need a license to race?

Yes. Whether you live in Oregon or not, you will be required to purchase (for Saturday’s race only) a one-day license for $5 junior only $2, show proof of your current OBRA annual license (must say 2023 on it!) or purchase a new/renewed OBRA license at the race.  USAC licenses will not work here.  One day licenses may be purchased at the race or using our online registration.  If you plan on racing 4 or more times in the state of Oregon, we suggest purchasing an OBRA annual license at the race or with  The  online with registration for this race. 
If you have a current 2023 OBRA license, you MUST show either the license or your OBRA receipt at the race or there will be a $5 ‘I Forgot My License’ fee. 



Has your question not been answered?  

Email or Call Brian Cimmiyotti 541-371-3303


All riders must wear a helmet when on a bike.

No refunds.  Don’t hurt yourself.  Plan.


If you do not bring your OBRA license or proof you have renewed it, you will be charged a $5 ‘Forgotten License’ Fee (same goes for out-of-state riders). 


If you’re riding on paved road, you have to follow traffic laws and stay on your side of the road.


Our trail system is on private land.  Do not litter and be respectful of private property.

If you utilize the trailhead camping, you are responsible for cleaning before you leave.  There will be outhouses available.



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